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Sensually Transmitted Wanderlust
“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”
      St. Augustine, a Berber father of the church, the first medieval and the last classical man

In The Wake Of A Bygone Realm: Austro-Hungary From Budapest To Trieste

Argentina Has It All: 6,500 KM Through El Norte Argentino

Canada & USA: Nouvelle France & New England

So Much More Than You Ever Expected: Grand Tour Of China

Drivin' U.S.A.: New York City and 9,600 KM Through the Southwest By Jeep
La Connection Anglo-Franšaise: Normandy - Brittany - Jersey

The Wonders Of The Kingdom: Royal Tour Of Morocco

Easter In The Valley Of The Kings: Val de Loire

In The Land Of Whimsy: Prague - Karlovy Vary

Mueang Boraan (Ancient City), Thailand

How To Do 9 Countries On A Weekend

Autumn In Russia: Moscow, Kursk, Korennaya Pustyn, countryside
Alpine Adventure: Vienna to Munich via the Adriatic

The Twee Town of Haarlem


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Sensually Transmitted Wanderlust
Sensually Transmitted Wanderlust

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